Cold starters

  • Octopus with vegetables and fennel
    octopus, vegetables salad, sheep milk cheese, spices
    80 kn
  • Hard sheep milk cheese from island of pag
    butter, olives, chili pepper, tomato
    70 kn
  • Dalmatian dry-cured smoked ham from the town of drniš
    butter, tomato, olives
    75 kn
  • Sheep milk cheese salad with truffles and artichokes
    cheese with truffles, tomato, artichokes, fresh truffles, spices
    90 kn


  • Fish soup
    fish from the Adriatic Sea, vegetables, shrimps, shellfish
    35 kn
  • Beef soup
    beef, vegetables, pasta
    30 kn

Warm starters

  • Istrian handmade pasta (cro. fuži) with truffles
    truffle sauce, Parmesan cheese, fresh truffles, butter
  • Spagheti with prawns and zucchini
    prawns, zucchini, wine, butter, Parmesan cheese
    80 kn
  • Spaghetti alla carbonara
    eggs, bacon, Grana Padano cheese
    75 kn
  • Seafood risotto
    seafood, olive oil, butter, Parmesan cheese
    85 kn
  • Spaghetti with pistachios
    Gorgonzola cheese, pistachios, butter, Parmesan cheese
    85 kn
  • Asparagus risotto
    asparagus, Grana Padano cheese, butter, spices
    80 kn
  • Vegetable and pomegranate risotto
    vegetables, pomegranate, olive oil, grated cheese
    75 kn

Main courses

  • Grilled rump steak
    baked potato slices, vegetables
    100 kn
  • Rump steak with green peppercorn sauce
    mashed potatoes, fried zucchini
    115 kn
  • Grilled squid
    swiss chard, potatoes, olive oil, lemon
    95 kn
  • Fried squid
    french fries, lemon, tartar sauce
    90 kn
  • Zagreb-style steak
    dry-cured ham, Gouda cheese, vegetables, french fries, tartar sauce
    85 kn
  • Vienna steak
    french fries, tartar sauce, lemon
    70 kn
  • Cheeseburger
    bacon, cheese, vegetables, mayonnaise
    45 kn
  • “Kentucky red” hamburger
    tomatoes, onion, vegetables with yoghurt, french fries
    40 kn
  • “MURO” Pork medallions
    pork, dry-cured ham, blue cheese, zucchini, sour cream, truffles, potatoes
    90 kn
  • Grilled adriatic squid
    swiss chard, lemon, potatoes
    130 kn
  • Buzara-style mussels
    tomatoes, wine, garlic
    80 kn
  • Buzara style prawns
    tomato, wine, garlic, onions, parsley
    220 kn
  • Grilled prawns
    210 kn
  • Grilled sea bass
    swiss chard, potatoes, olive oil, lemon
    120 kn
  • Grilled gilt-head bream
    swiss chard, potatoes, olive oil, lemon
    120 kn

For our "little guests"

  • “KID” Fried chicken breasts
    french fries, ketchup
    40 kn
  • “KID” Spaghetti alla napoletana
    35 kn


  • Mixed vegetable salad
    22 kn
  • Shredded cabbage salad
    20 kn
  • Tomato salad
    22 kn
  • Cucumber salad
    22 kn
  • Arugula salad
    25 kn


  • Ice cream (per scoop)
    8 kn
  • Pastries and pies I
    12 kn
  • Pastries and pies II
    14 kn
  • Cake
    16 kn
  • Mousse cups
    16 kn
  • Whipped cream (per serving)
    10 kn
  • Cake-cream
    21 kn
  • Strudel
    10 kn